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tv   Headline News  RT  July 8, 2014 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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developments cannot stop in a city dance only take. in life there are. coming up on r.t.e. a talk show host says family members of several dead navy seals are questioning how they died family members of the disease think there's more to the afghan chopper crash that the government is claiming we'll speak to radio host michael savage about that just ahead. and several cities in eastern ukraine are facing a blockade resident residents fear more impending clashes between the military and the anti kiev forces a report from the region coming up. and the u.s. federal reserve chair woman is in hot water but this time it has nothing to do with her monetary policy and everything to do with her security detail we'll tell you
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who's complaining later in the show. it's tuesday july eighth eight him in washington d.c. i'm in the area david and you're watching r t america. we begin tonight with the very latest on capitol hill the senate intelligence committee has approved a cyber security bill that would encourage companies to share information user information about threats with each other and the federal government the bill which was written by senate intelligence chair dianne feinstein and senator saxby chambliss has been dubbed cis up or the cyber security information protection act keep in mind this is a lot like cispa controversial cybersecurity bill from last year so would strengthen and legitimize the n.s.a.'s surveillance programs allowing sweeping data mining of internet users in the u.s.
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and force companies to hand over private data without a search warrant already the bill has been heavily scrutinized by privacy advocacy groups who say the legislation lays out broad deaf. missions that could be open to abuse for one they say it lacks department of homeland security oversight and they argue it doesn't include a mechanism that ensures user data won't be shared with agencies like the n.s.a. who could use it for non cyber security purposes of course that concern is heightened now just a year after the release of thousands of n.s.a. documents outlining the full extent of u.s. surveillance programs today's bill passed in a twelve to three vote and a full vote is expected later this year. it's been three years since the u.s. carried out a covert navy seal operation to capture and kill osama bin laden in the days after the successful mission the u.s. revealed that the men behind the attack were part of c. seal team six the navy's premier counterterrorism unit even though everyone who
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conducted that raid survived the shortly after the mission fifteen navy seals from that same team were killed after their military helicopter was shot down in afghanistan senate hearings were held on this very issue back in february with the military attempting to shed light on the circumstances surrounding what happened including whether or not the taliban had any prior knowledge of the mission and whether or not that led to the helicopter being shot shot down take a listen to part of that hearing there's no possibility of information going up the chain and then somehow coming back out to the taliban we believe the enemy positions himself in the building whether or not he knew anyone was coming in he was in a very advantageous place tactically to to strike the aircraft as it approached. to this day there are still a lot of unanswered questions and some people including the parents of these seals
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now believe that there may be more to the story some are even questioning it to an even greater degree to hash out that perspective a little bit more i was joined earlier by radio talk show host michael savage i first asked of those talk about what questions still need to be answered the first question is why were all of the seals from seal team six the same unit that's looked out of some of the lot and put on one old slow flying vietnam era helicopter a c.h. forty seven chinook when america has some of the most advanced helicopters in the world they never use in those with this kind of extraction mission this was on number one number two why we would you put all of your best men in one helicopter why make such a single target want to disperse them in three steps the technology suffers so those are the questions that have never been answered but it is it clear that that the same seals who were involved with the osama bin laden raid were the ones who were on this helicopter you know they were part of the same unit from the naval
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special warfare development group goals team six same unit same team ok well there has been a hearing on this very issue was called back in february what wasn't the result of that hearing was there any progress made in beginning to understand why that aircraft went down why there were so many navy seals on one particular aircraft. i never heard anything that came of it it wasn't substantive it was a little whitewash typical u.s. government whitewash i mean why did they even have a hearing because the parents were screaming out the parents i have you spoke with the parents little. i have not but i was going to ask you to tell me what you've learned from some of the parents you spoken to say that they have they have the documents to prove that this was not an accident number one michael strange the father of one of the seals who was you know. says that on at least three separate
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occasions for i have to this is that his son grabbed him by the arm and announced that he had his will and his father said to him he's never done this before and michael his son later died in this crash that something is going on with the team somebody is leaking things out something is going on when he was on the show he said that i sent him your son that he was being sent that was that the father replied they knew they knew something was up every one of them other families of navy seals that died in this crash for what it's similar experiences with their sons the last time they saw it that there are other anomalies that are that did come out and you have to talk to some of the parents who have more than that i do that alone as the man at the hearing and got it now the father said on this show that there was no chase helicopter there was no other support but the seal team which is very unusual i said still on my radio show so you're saying they plan to
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execute your son and the others on purpose the father of the dead seal said this one hundred percent sir one hundred percent that's what the father said. no i don't have the answers but i do have some questions right well sometimes some of the families of course believe the story should be put to rest others have insinuated that something is going on that the government may have purposely put these seals in harm's way what would be the motive of the government to do that have you ever thought about why this. this theory could even stick in the first place right now absolutely. and many people in this country suspect that this is ministration and that demonstrated by islamists at the highest level say that's crazy your television shows about the malaysians the idea was not played you know two or three or four more is not something new to the government we all know it exists why could it not the f word just in this government so let's assume that
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that did exist let's take that crazy conspiracy theory to its logical conclusion wouldn't that then make sense that they made the decision to put them all in this helicopter oh let's throw away the conspiracy theory let's ask this who are the defense department made this decision to put all of them in an old slow offline helicopter is a lot of combat zone why didn't i put them in to rethink a strike now let's not yours when a defense the foreign made this decision when the oval office made this decision these are the questions that a never been answered and i fire a congressman running a hearing i would to stop it so i got that answer because somebody did this event let's say again no conspiracy it was just an idiot in the defense department some moron a came from a college and was put in his defense department for political reasons the way they used to do with the k.g.b. where they had so-called political officers who had no military experience to make certain that everyone complied with the politically correct looks ok let's say they
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said listen we'll in the helicopter why i don't know maybe they thought they could save some money on fuel. well what i want to know why maybe it was a dumb decision in either case somebody made that decision and somebody should go to jail. i think a lot of people who who believe that islamists are running the government would have to question why osama bin ladin was was killed in the first place that because that wouldn't really fall into the same logic but as i understand it right now everything that's out there is pretty much anecdotal is there any hard evidence that could lead anyone to believe this was anything more than than a tragic incident hard evidence sometimes evidence insists no hard evidence of effect that will tell you that you have to start with what you have and what we have is common sense common sense military procedure i do not know of any other such mission it's a lot of combat zone where all the members of it is there's the least team of what
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i'm one i looked up your number one number two put out of the old vietnam era helicopter and number three was not accompanied by at least two to support helicopters so that would be the start of what you have to say that we know it's a conspiracy but you also going to say it's nonsense that it isn't now is radio talk show host michael savage. and now to ukraine where kiev authorities are continuing to put military pressure on anti-government forces as comes just a couple of days after rebels lost their main stronghold to kiev in the city of slovyansk in the aftermath president petro poroshenko has confirmed plans to move forward and regain control of the eastern cities of gong and donetsk however the two biggest towns in the country's east fear that.
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the national weather service in mount holly new jersey has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for montgomery county in southeastern pennsylvania philadelphia county and southeast pennsylvania delaware county and southeast pennsylvania until nine thirty pm at eight o two pm national weather service doppler radar indicated a severe thunderstorm the storm was near self pottstown moving northeast at forty miles per hour this storm is capable of producing damaging winds in excess of sixty miles per hour this is via a thunderstorm will be near hydrogen and east greenville around eight fifteen pm at parowan willow grove around a twenty pm northeast philadelphia around a twenty five pm this is a dangerous storm if you are in its path move indoors to a sturdy building and stay away from windows when it is safe to do so report severe
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weather to local law enforcement or to the national weather service other storms will be moving into delaware and philadelphia counties a little later a severe thunderstorm watch remains in effect until eleven pm tuesday evening for delaware and northeastern maryland and new jersey and eastern pennsylvania a severe thunderstorm watch also remains in effect until midnight wednesday morning for northeast new jersey repeating a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued until nine thirty pm for the following counties in pennsylvania delaware montgomery and philadelphia. residents are all suggestions closer to something that could be destroyed already as panic this is a situation that runs right now and fears that it could even get you right reef notion and from the guns all right well russian authorities have reacted with anger over the detainment of the son of a russian member of parliament the man was detained by u.s. agents in the mall deaves on suspicion that he had been hacking computer systems to
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steal the credit card details of thousands of americans are g.'s die need to check done more. the u.s. secret service has captured the russian citizen in the mold and shipped him to a u.s. base in guam where he was formally arrested now the u.s. justice department did not elaborate on the circumstances of mr city is no arrest neither have u.s. officials notified russian authorities about the grounds on which this thirty year old man was snatched in the maldives and sent to the guam overnight moscow qualify so there's no ifs detention as kidnapping so there's no father who happens to be a russian state duma deputy lawmaker thinks it might be a scheme to trade his son for edward snowden his family also says what i am a citizen of still doesn't have a lawyer moscow also criticizes the government of the mole defs for letting the u.s. secret service smuggle people out of their country like that while the maldives is not the only place where the u.s. was allowed to do that thailand allowed the u.s.
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to take hold of victor boot the russian arms dealer in the capital of liberia u.s. forces arrested pilot constantine you are franco four years ago to charge him with drug trafficking russians are not the only ones the u.s. is chasing around the world citizens of other countries became subject to these kinds of snap extraditions in some cases they were captured just based on suspicion and later their cases fell apart like that of khalid to el masri a german citizen who was snatched in macedonia and sent to a cia black sites in afghanistan where he was tortured and the u.s. government later admitted it was a mistake and released him a similar thing happened to a house on nasir an egyptian cleric who was smuggled from italy to be released later so this is a recurring situation where the u.s. captures citizens of different countries without properly notifying their governments. i was r t correspondent guy need to check again. well brazil
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fans went quickly from excitement to tears today as the team took a tough loss to germany in the world cup the final score was germany with seven and brazil with one but by the end the germans were barely celebrating their goals and the brazilians couldn't manage more than tears or blank stares joining me to discuss what's being called a historic defeat is artie's nicholas o'donovan hello nicholas i know that you're in miami now but you were in brazil i think that everyone watching brazilian are not found this game extremely difficult to digest this is brazil favored to win the entire world cup by many people who own field advantage here yet they lost big time what happened. well basically what happened is that the dream turned itself into a nightmare it was a choose day for brazil at belo horizonte the hosts out of the world cup obviously
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losing to germany in the semifinal is painful but the real humiliation here is the result a shock in seven to one loss that will haunt the national team for many many years to come as an example i can tell you that the last time that brazil hosted a world cup was back in nineteen fifty and then they lost the final to europe why in a game still known as the canard that defeat is still painfully remembered today in brazil and the people the locals saw this tournament this world cup as the perfect event to finally get over that national tragedy well now the defeat is even more humiliating for the country the it's the worst result for brazil in the history of the world cup the galle game well as i say it will have an enormous repercussion on the country and its football but the game itself had a very short and a very one sided story the germans were simply too good they played
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a high intensity first half that was the key and only after twenty nine minutes they were up five zero men made the most of the brazilian absences we can't forget that the hosts were missin their star player neymar out due to a back injury and they kept and go see over suspended but still there is really no excuse for this humiliated in defeat as i say only twenty nine minutes into the game the germans were already up five zero so brazilian fans had to stand a very long and painful second half and the atmosphere inside the stadium workers as you can imagine was just one of complete disappointment no each time one of the cameras showed a brazilian fan we could see faces of complete disbelief but the truth is brazil. out of the world cup in a humiliating fashion now joe germany has to await its rival for the big final they will play the winners of the other semifinal that will see argentina taking on
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holland. during the game i was checking social media frequently and by the fifth goal i think for germany people already began to predict the rioting on behalf of the brazilians at the end of this is not real concerning our considering how invested these fans have been in this world cup. well the first thing we have to say is that football is really more than just a game more than just a sport in brazil and obviously we are going to see some soccer related incidents for example we have seen something going on in sao paolo at copacabana beach in rio de janiero we have seen photos on facebook and on twitter of brazilian fans even burning national flags but obviously we're going to have to wait to know to save all of that is just a soccer related riots or soccer related incident of angry fans that could be normal after a defeat like this or of all of this is going to develop in something more of
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a social protest obviously we all know that brazil is living a very hated and tense social moment surrounded the world cup many protesting against the government host in organizing the tournaments and invest in never less eleven billion dollars on it when when they are so many deficiencies in education health transport and constant allegations of corruption among the brazilian political class than to be honest nowhere like in brazil our politics in football so tangled no we saw it today when fans were shouting against the president dilma rousseff inside the stadium during the game i was was in brazil for the first two weeks of the of the world cup of the for the first two weeks of the tournaments and i can tell you that after the first game while local sort of gave the situation a time out the important thing was for the national team to win the tournaments now that is not possible and it's very likely that we will see an escalation in
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protests there in the last day in games the world cup certainly a highly charged atmosphere r.t. correspondent nicholas o'donovan thanks for the reporting. how much does free speech cost while two hundred fifteen thousand dollars according to the city of los angeles african-american michael honda brought a lawsuit against the city of angels after being removed from a public parks and recreation meeting back in two thousand and eleven for wearing a clue klux klan hood and a profanity emblazoned t. shirt the commission president at the time barry sanders explained to hunt the that his outfit violated the city rules of decorum and gave them a chance to remove the offensive clothing however hunt refused he was escorted out of the assembly and given a citation for disturbance which the city later dismissed attorney stephen rode who represents hunt says his client wore the offensive clothing to test the city government the commission's rules of decorum do prohibit audience members from
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engaging in disorderly or boisterous conduct but a report on hunt's case conducted by a city attorney found that most witnesses at the meeting did not find hunt to be a disruption at all and that's why los angeles city council members chose to settle the matter out of court this wasn't the first payout from the city either back in two thousand and nine a jury awarded him over two hundred thousand dollars when he challenged vending restrictions on the venice boardwalk. all right well it's only been six months since janet yellen took the highly coveted position of federal reserve chair woman and it seems she's already ruffling some feathers but it's not within the banking community this time the criticism sits a little closer to home artie's making lopez has the story. neighbors of federal reserve chair woman janet yellen say they are fed up with her security detail now they're calling on the f.b.i.
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an independent security consultant or the federal reserve's inspector general to investigate quote what appears to be excessive levels of security at enormous government cost to taxpayers that's according to the wall street journal neighbor say the security here is more prevalent than it was for former f.b.i. director robert mueller who is another hillandale residents the federal reserve security detail rented out a house in the neighborhood to conduct operations even installing a surveillance camera on the roof which has since been removed on june fifth community members that have formed a committee to create a standardized lease that would prevent security operations from renting out homes in the neighborhood which could close the fed's operation completely using their fifty page book of bylaws to help bolster their argument residents are accusing the security guards of smoking eating fast food and breaking the fifteen mile per hour speed limit in the neighborhood as yellen is trying to clean up the financial
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crisis that left thousands of americans unemployed and saddled with debt hillandale homeowners complain about the security trucks spilling fluid onto the streets and leaving a permanent state while young men attempts to rebuild america's economic image in the eyes of the financial world residents of hillandale were particularly upset about the a static look of the security guards criticizing their uniforms their hats and according to one resident their quote donut bellies neighbors also complain that the police presence in this neighborhood makes it quote uncomfortable for residents of various religious persuasions such as quakers now the federal reserve has already made some changes to accommodate the wishes of this neighborhood but they insist that janet yellen has the same amount of protective detail as her predecessors and no one. none of janet yellen sneer first took the time to speak with r t outside of their gated community. no.
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did you have any problems with janet yellen secure you heard anything about it i was wondering have you had any problems with janet yellen security detail. needless to say janet yellen my need to do more than rethink her financial policy in the near future reporting in georgetown i meghan lopez r t. and before we go don't forget to tune in at nine pm for larry king now tonight's encore episode features russell simmons the music industry magnate here in a preview of what's to come russell explains how he does meditation what is meditation what meditation is for thousands of years always been a great tool and i would say the meditative or the quiet mind is the happy mind the noisy mind is the sick sad my this is fact there are throughout the ages when you know every prophet you know was always every great religion and never mind religion
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just you know didn't your allah just tell you a quiet mind when the noises in the mind fluctuations in the moment but how do you attain it meditation when you do you said you put them on trial and you say to yourself i'm not going to leave you have a clock you put in for twenty minutes and you sit i give away a mass montra in the montrose room so if you repeat yourself. quietly the mind will go crazy like a monkey will go crazy will tell you i'm not going to meditate i don't care what you do and you're going to say i'm going to sit so all you require is a little bit of patience so the my cat bounce around like a monkey in a cage and within a few minutes everything will settle and you will see a meditating. so tune in at nine pm tonight here on our to america. now does it for now for more on the stories we cover go to youtube dot com slash r t america check out our website r t dot com slash usa you can also follow me on twitter at a very david for now have
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a great night. i'm happy martin the stories we cover here are not going to hear any right back story but it's true that while some talk there's a reason they don't want you to know about you never want to tell phrase that you think you. know let's break the set. i think.
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the us is a young country we're in the middle of writing the story that will be our legacy so you can be sure the people in power are going to try to rewrite our history to spin it up as much as possible so that it reflects the propaganda of they like to feel about america freedom and liberty for all the american dream all that crap this real writing of history by those more interested in profit than the truth happens in small ways all the time when no one's looking it just happened again and on this occasion it involves the john f. kennedy museum in boston it just received a large investment of two point two five million dollars from none other than carlyle group co-founder david rubenstein the carlyle group is one of the world's biggest asset management firms they manage sprawling funds that touch just about
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every market in the world they handle buyouts they invest largely in defense and energy they have almost two hundred billion dollars in assets under management the carlyle group is one of those massive financial companies that are extremely powerful and are also extremely hard to figure out because their influence is so complex far reaching and very much under the public. the national weather service in mount holly new jersey has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for bucks county in southeastern pennsylvania lehigh county in eastern pennsylvania north hampton county and eastern pennsylvania until ten fifteen pm at eight twenty two pm national weather service doppler radar
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indicated a severe thunderstorm the storm was near current hours bill moving northeast at fifty miles per hour this storm is capable of producing golf ball sized hail and damaging winds in excess of sixty miles per hour the severe thunderstorm will be near bedminster in dublin around eight forty pm in a common pipersville around eight forty five pm when and lumberville around eight fifty pm washington crossing and yodlee around eight fifty five pm this is a dangerous storm other storms will be moving into lehigh and north hampton counties if you are in the path of these storms move indoors to a sturdy building and stay away from windows when it is safe to do so report severe weather to local law enforcement or to the national weather service a severe thunderstorm watch remains in effect until eleven pm tuesday evening for delaware and northeastern maryland and new jersey and eastern pennsylvania a severe thunderstorm watch also remains in effect until midnight wednesday morning for northeast new jersey repeating a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued.